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Winter is cold enough with the icy weather, and even worse if you find yourself with a busted or malfunctioning heater. Rather than hide under the extra blankets and coats, why not give The Frazier Company a call? We’re the finest furnace repair in Bennington, Nebraska, and eager to show you why.

All of our heating specialists are fully trained, licensed and insured. They fix a large variety of common problems furnace owners deal with. Trust us when we say we’ve seen a little bit of everything. Whatever the problem might be, we’ll arrive as soon as we can to take care of the job. It won’t be long until we find the cause and fix it as quickly and safely as we can.

What are you looking for? Routine maintenance? A thorough inspection? A sudden emergency repair? The size and difficulty of the job doesn’t matter. It’s our guarantee to get the job done right the first time. You’ll be nice and warm just in time for the next blizzard.

Your furnace is a crucial system for comfort at home or work. Unfortunately that also means severe damage or other malfunctions are sometimes pricey and time-consuming to fix. In some cases it’s best to let a professional handle the hard work. We’re committed to providing exceptional service so you feel safe with the utilities in your home. And there are still jobs to take care of by yourself. They’ll help you notice signs of trouble early, sparing you from needing extra repairs.

Your own senses are a good place to start. Stay alert for bizarre stains, loud sounds or bad odors. If you find out they’re coming from your heater, it’s good evidence that maintenance is required.

Once you’ve recognized something is wrong, inspect electrical systems like your thermostat or breaker box first. Sometimes the problem is corrected simply by adjusting the settings or programming on your thermostat. If the problem continues, it may be smart to call for professional assistance.

Keeping other parts of the heater clean of dirt or other substances is also beneficial. You’ll reduce the chance of something happening at all. At minimum, your heating system will run as quietly and effectively as it can.

Keep in mind while these jobs are minor, there’s always the possibility the problems they uncover may be risky to your health or home. If you feel unable to fix the problem, don’t hesitate to hire an HVAC professional with the right experience and tools.

Furnace Service in Bennington and Surrounding Areas

If you’ve ever searched for furnace service in Bennington, you know how agitating it can be. Dealing with subpar, overpriced service is never fun. By placing your faith in the qualified experts at The Frazier Company, you’re selecting the very best. You’ll promptly discover that heating maintenance doesn’t have to be a pricey chore.

Consider a few of the benefits. For example, sometimes furnaces using natural gas end up with a gas leak if the issue is bad enough. The peace of mind you’ll enjoy by relying on an expert is worth the cost. Over the course of a heater’s life span, consistent upkeep could boost your heater’s energy efficiency. In the best cases your furnace could even last a few years longer.

Ask one of our technicians about signing up for one of our annual furnace maintenance plans. These long-term plans were created with your safety and financial health in mind. With just a few service calls, we’ll inspect and maintain our way to an efficient-running furnace. With each visit, we’ll thoroughly inspect all major parts. The burner, blower motor and pilot light will all be checked for signs of wear and tear. Electrical systems are reviewed for consistency and safety. If any parts need lubrication or fastening, we’ll do that as well. If a maintenance plan sounds beneficial, just ask one of our techs about the info you need to move forward. We’ll go over the benefits until you can make an informed decision.

In general, expect your heater to last anywhere from 12 to 17 years. This can be extended if it’s maintained in good order. Over time you’ll notice your furnace is not as efficient as it used to be. It works constantly to deliver the same amount of heat for your home. Also, the possibility the system breaks down entirely will steadily rise. The older your system gets, the more likely you’ll find yourself needing repairs.

Soon, the amount of money you’re spending on that old furnace is more than a new one. You’re better off ditching the old furnace for a replacement. We’re willing to provide seamless furnace installation in Bennington whenever you’re ready. Thanks to advances in technology, these new furnaces are more energy efficient. You can end up saving money on monthly heating bills. These new models are quieter than older furnaces as well.

The number of possible options may confuse you at first. But our specialists are friendly and knowledgeable. They’ll help you make the right choice for your budget and needs. We’ll browse different brands and features until you find what you’re looking for. All that’s left is to enjoy a seamless transition from old system to new.

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