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Air Conditioner Service in Omaha

One of the most common suggestions you read about air conditioners, furnaces, and most HVAC equipment for that matter, is that you need to stay on top of routine maintenance. The reason it's a topic of conversation so often is because it holds such an essential role in maintaining the benefit you expect from your system. We are with you, the summers in Omaha are often scorching and unpredictable, so why risk having your air conditioner go out during the height of summer?

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To The Frazier Company, maintaining optimal temperature for your home means we're able to provide all of your air conditioner service needs, whether it's an emergency or routine. It’s necessary to note that having scheduled air conditioner service performed offers a range of perks, including:

ac service air conditioning service
Efficient Operation: having regular service on your air conditioner means that your system is able to run as efficiently as possible. Plus, an efficient air conditioner tends to mean a decrease in energy use. Comfortable Operation: with an air conditioner running at the tip of the spear means you can keep your house just as cozy as you want to. That way you're not caught flat footed and have to struggle with a defective air conditioner.
a/c service air conditioning service reduces excessive energy bills
Reliable Operation: heat of the hot season means you're cranking the AC more than usual. Servicing your air conditioner often helps to keep it reliable most notably when it's relied on more than usual and temperatures soar. Dependable Operation: keeping up with routine maintenance guarantees that your air conditioner is operating as it is designed. Think of air conditioning service like you keep up with oil changes for a car.

Keeping your home comfy is something that everyone wants, and when you maintain your air conditioner with routine service, you can expect to get maximum return on your investment. There's some other things to consider to get in front of rising summer temps this year.


  • Programmable thermostat: there's a practically limitless amount of programmable and smart thermostats available nowadays. In any way you invest in, you're able to input a schedule to save you time and a few cash when you are not around and don’t need to keep an empty house as cool.
  • Close your blinds: this helps keep your house protected from the bright sunshine and the lingering heat that can sneak in through open blinds. On cooler nights you should also count on the naturally cooler air outside and crack your windows to take a load off your AC.
  • Use fans: if you're not planning to leave the room anytime soon, use a fan to help keep that specific room at a lower temperature. It grants you a wind chill effect and should allow you to increase the thermometer slightly.

At The Frazier Company, our professionals are NATE-certified, fully licensed and insured to provide for all of your air conditioner service issues. Regardless of the time or day, we're here so that you don't have to worry about a single thing when you need your air conditioner serviced. Call us at 402-896-5900 or request an appointment with us online today.



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